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About Moonlight Berger Blanc

 Here at Moonlight Berger Blanc we adore our shepherds along with all of our other animals. We have a 10 acre ranch in Colorado full of animals such as horses, goats, chickens, and our dogs. We breed for health,  quality, and temperament, and all of our dogs are up to date and have been health tested. Berger Blanc Suisse's (also known as White Swiss Shepherds) are fun, outgoing dogs who are similar to the German Shepherd, but are much more laid back, and an easier breed to own overall. They are easy to train, great with kids, friendly with people they don't know, but will also protect you if needed, and love to do all activities. If you are looking to own a White Swiss Shepherd consider Moonlight Berger Blanc! All of our puppies get socialized around kids, and all our other animals. And get registered with the FCI and UKC.

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